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Halak showed a great deal and caught all the raids

NEW YORK. Slovak goalkeeper Jaroslav Halák helped in the NHL to triumph the New York Islanders hockey players in derby over New York Rangers 2: 1 after raids. Halak covered 33 out of a total of 34 shots and scored

Kliman beat Nadal in Beijing after a great performance

Martin Klizan has already qualified as a qualifier for the singles semifinals at the ATP tournament in Beijing. In the quarter-finals after the excellent performance, he was surpassed by the 6th-7th, 6th-4th, 6th-3-defeat Spaniard Rafael Nadal’s former world squad. After

Florida is in shape, overtaking records. Tatar scored the winning goal

BUFFALO. Something else has not even happened to them. Hockey players of the Florida Panthers continue with great performances from the last season. And I keep breaking club records. New York Rangers managed 3-0 at night on Saturday night. They

The overseas players in Nitra did not want to go. They do not want to leave now

Now Nitrania is in the same situation. They also decided to win a title in the Tipsport League on the ice of Banská Bystrica. They sat in the same dressing room, they had the same reason to celebrate, but it

Kuzmin showed she could shoot

BRATISLAVA, OSLO. It was a championship performance, praised by coach Juraj Sanitra. Anastasia Kuzmin dipped where her rivals failed. The striking wind on the shooter did not turn it and she waved for three days. Yesterday even to the last

Taxes against Belarus will rise, though it is not quite right

Winnipeg suffered a defeat in France against France, which ended early. Dawn did not even start the match against Germany on Tuesday. Poll: How will Slovakia and Belarus finish?Slovakia will win at regular game time 197 Slovakia will win after

Vajda: Djokovic is still a step ahead, but he has to be in the mood

BRATISLAVA. Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic has had 11 Grand Slam titles since Sunday, with Roger Federer from Switzerland losing six trophies from the Majors. So many of them hit a big four since the beginning of 2013, which is

Torneo de tenis sin tropas del mundo. Serena y Ucrania han pasado la primera vez en una carrera

RIO DE JANEIRO. tenista ucraniana Elina Svitolinová cuidar en el torneo olímpico de Río de Janeiro en la sorpresa de primera clase cuando en la ronda de individual femenino noqueado Unidad torneo los mejores pronósticos y previas deportivas Serena Williams

Strike scams are also made by judges. Just a minute

BRATISLAVA. Imagine that at the decisive moment the tennis match is balanced. The status in the set is undecided 5: 5. There is a big fight for each ball, no player gives up arms. They both want to win. The

Weiss: There was little performance

On the other hand, Slovak goalkeeper Jan Novot was happy and hopeful. “I was very pleased at this match against Austria in Vienna. It can be said that I was at home, “he said. For five years he has been