Cibulkova lost the Australian Open final 7: 6, 6: 0

The final Australian Open: Cibulkova – Na Li (25 photos) Li Na won over Paris and Melbourne

Slovak tennis player Dominika Cibulková failed in the final of the women’s singles at the Australian Open Grand Slam.As a twenty deployed lost the quartet of Chinese woman Li for 97 minutes in two sets 6: 7 (3), and 0: 6th

Cibulkova losing the match and the ball 58:75.

Chinese-years old native of Wuhan Li turned third final attempt in Melbourne in the coveted title and gained another valuable trophy of the big four events. In 2011, he triumphed on the clay of Roland Garros Paris.

Cibulkova despite losing to Li Na reached the Australian Open success in life and become the historically first Slovak singlový Grand Slam finalist.

“I was my first final and I’m proud of how I handled it and what I showcased tennis.I’ve done everything I can to succeed, but Li played famously, really well, “said Cibulkova. Cibulkova: I guess the rozplačem

After the match to Dominika Cibulková took over the trophy for second place.” It was a beautiful two weeks of my life and about the rozplačem. I thank my team and of course to all parents and Slovakia. For our country it means a lot and I am glad that I have it here like this represent, “she said immediately after the match Cibulkova.

” Congratulations and Li Na, deserved to win this match. I also thank all the sponsors, for me it’s now the most popular tournament, “said Cibulkova.

She smiled course, the winner Na Li.” Finally, I hold in my hands the trophy for the winner.Twice I was close, thirdly it finally came out. Congratulations and Dominica played a great tournament, “said Li.

Cibulkova on the way to the finals knocked two Grand Slam champion Italians Francesca Schiavone and Russian Mariu Šarapovovú in the semi wiped off the court polka Agnieszka Radwanska.

on a skilled Li, however, even in the fifth mutual match find a recipe.

From Melbourne to Dominika Cibulková takes away premium 1,325,000 Australian dollars and 1300 points in the world rankings WTA. in his new release should be delayed 13th place. Enjoying the celebrations in Slovakia

“I lost in the finals, so I can not be with you one hundred percent satisfied.I am proud, but so far to 50 percent. I need time to absorption experience. When tomorrow morning I wake up and realize what I have achieved, it will be different, “said Cibulkova.

Game evaluated soberly.” It did not play I’m in the finals his best tennis, but because the surplice played extremely well . At the ceremony I felt very comfortable when I stood next to the winners Na Li and former major champion Chris Evert, “said Cibulkova.

Li is under it one of the most enjoyable player wore the ring, all her love for her sense of humor, but also the quality of tennis.

“I am very happy now home to Slovakia, where my results attracted much attention.I look forward to celebrations that will surely public and the private, “enjoys Cibulkova.

” With Mom and Dad, who remained in Slovakia, I have two weeks netelefonovala at all, because we superstitious. So we just wrote. The final gives me a lot of experience, I learned a lot. It will not be easy in the future to win the Grand Slam tournament, but I believe that I am now one step closer, “said Cibulkova.

” I wish…a match is decided the first set. Both players started nervously, Domča around a little more. Then I have thought that was shaken and returned to the match.Led 5: 4 and returnovala, which is a powerful weapon, “he said immediately after the match, Dominik Hrbatý, a former tennis player and recorder Slovak Davis Cup.

” Li postrážila it but then had an excellent start tajbrejku. Domča’kanára’ you deserve in the second set, but such is life tennis. It’s young, still gets another chance. Compared to the previous game played less precisely by lines drawn more to the center and Li then chased after her villages, “said Hrbaty.

” Dominica has a life event. Despite the fact that she failed to win the final, he proved something you will remember for a lifetime.For these moments are worth playing tennis, “said the study RTVS former tennis player Karina Cíleková-Habšudová.

” If already in his career won anything and did not get further, so all of that hard work and years of training to They moved to this level, standing at the finals. As for the final itself, Dominica fought, but in the important moments of her’zahaprovalo’ administration, “she added Habšudová.

” Great chance was in the first set when she turned Dominica from 1: 3 to 4: 3 At that time, Li started a little shed.It was seen in her body language. Too bad because there was a Chinese woman under pressure and could be out of the mine, “said the study RTVS Vladimír Pláteník, former coach of Dominika Cibulkova.

Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava is a temporary camp for dozens of fans Slovak tennis player Dominika Cibulkova. Nové Mesto namely the square reflects the transfer of the final on the big screen.

“Cibulkova I studied. He has quick feet, strong punches, I see it 50 to 50,” he says Chinese. Melbourne is playing for the title of the third time.

“What is important is confidence. On the court I go a hundred percent convinced that I will win,” saying our tennis player after the semifinals.Dominika Cibulková at the Australian Open from the first round to the final. Dominika Cibulková at the Australian Open (22 photos) Click picture to enlarge