Gregor took up life on the plane, in Admiral, he felt support

BRATISLAVA. When Dušan Gregor swung in the summer of Admiral Vladivostok’s training session, he knew he was facing a challenging task not only on the hockey side.

Despite a bitter start, he managed to stabilize the results of his team, which still has a clear goal in play off.

Even thanks to the strong support of the club’s leadership, the work of the Far East praises it.

His celebrations ended another difficult trip on thousands of kilometers to the west on Sunday in Slovan Bratislava. Admiral, however, did not get points and returned home from Slovakia with a 1: 4 loss. He felt support and impatience

“I’m not happy with the first third, we missed the move, the determination, the willingness to play a balanced game. We just played it in the first third.We did not put up the guns and we finished the game until the end, “said Gregor after the meeting.

For the fifty-year coach, Vladivostok is the first coaching challenge in the KHL supernatural that he checked right from the beginning when his team drew from the start “I knew the situation was bad,” he said, “but I do not know.”

I felt leadership support, but impatience on the other. The KHL trainer must count on everything.I was mainly looking after my work, trying to filter Russian media as well as other things, “said Gregor’s demanding beginnings.

Afterwards, Admiral has begun to pursue the strictly set goals of the club’s leadership. Progress to play off. “Nothing else is considered. They are hard to demand play off, nothing else to anyone, “said former coach Dukly Trenčín.

He is happy with others:” The conditions for working in the club are excellent. It’s at a good level. The biggest problem is just travel, but we all knew whether the players or me.There is no other option. “He did not make it, he got it.

The demanding east-west moves often do not add the team to mental well-being, but learning to live on an airplane is, however, Admiral Vladivostok is forced to do so.

“I have learned to cope with travel as well as time shift. There is nothing else to sue, there is nothing else, “said Gregor.

His attendant belongs to the Seventh Gradient in the Eastern Conference Table after two months, but there is no reason to be satisfied.

I do not like the word Satisfaction. The team needs to sit down, understand what I want from it. It takes some time.”

” I do not want it to sound like an excuse, but I did not create it, I simply got it. Maybe I did some things differently. But I believe we are able to fulfill this goal, “he added.

Although he arrived in the unfamiliar environment in the summer, he defended his position, and nowadays he adds full confidence to the club’s leadership. >

“I feel the maximum support of both the CEO and the president of the club. But what is trust? Everyone wants the results, “Gregor said, adding,” We are waiting for a challenging program, but we have to win. We need to collect points, we have no choice. “