Hantuchova at the US Open ended. Lost the match well Rozehrajme


Zverenky Spanish Carlos Cuadrado believes that losing attached dvadsaťštvorka the tournament Twelve Russian Elena Dementieva for 91 minutes in two sets 5: 7 and 2: 6th 1. Set regret and loss line 5: 2, respectively. three setbalov

The initial act, Hantuchová not used in the state of 5: 2, three setbaly and from that moment began at the Center Court Arthur Ashe reigning Olympic champion from Beijing. Dementieva adjust the mutual balance of the Slovak unit of 12: 4 in their favor.Russia turned all six of the brejkbalbs, while her rivals took advantage of only 9 of the 3 options.

Hantuch’s singles maximum in Flushing Meadows remains a quarterfinals in 2002, finishing fourth at the final of the big four. From New York this year’s $ 50,000 premium prize and 160 points into the WTA World Ranking, he is still in the quartet and in the mix.

The last single Slovak singer was Dominika Cibulkova, who on Saturday in the 3 rd round will set against the Spanish qualifier Lourdes Dominguez Lin.Dementieva will meet in the round of the Australian girl Samantha Stosur, seeded number five to Friday consulted an Italian Sara Errani.

Hantuchova didn’t work home match with Dementieva, when the very first geme lost its own administration and Russia after confirming counterattack took the lead 2: 0th

Hantuchova but then began to show an active game with lots of beats winning, he won five games in a row and for the state 5: 2 had when administered grueling three setbaly available.But Dementieva held out service, and additional minutes, a perfect turn when turning from 2: 5 to 7: 5th

Hantuchova gradually lost confidence hitting and started making too many unforced errors, which was na’Dementievovej water mill. In the second act to Russia after two breakaways built a lead of 5: 1 match and has to a successful conclusion. In the eighth geme we transformed after winning forehand in the actual administration of the very first match point. Match two faces

Hantuchova after the meeting very annoyed stillborn ending the first set. “Today’s match had two faces. In the state 5: 2 I played great, I’m doing on the court exactly what I had.I was active, I pushed her on the defensive, based almost everything to me. After three unused setbaloch he but withdrew Jelena took over the initiative and host to maintain it was a completely different game. I missed so many brejkbalov what I vypomstilo. In the future, I must not allow the match turned around on one ball, as happened today. The world’s best the players are able to unused chance to quickly forget and do not think about it constantly. I must of today’s match take lessons, “she told TASR Hantuchova, who with total resignation in singles at the US Open expressed satisfaction.

” The draw was very difficult and when I saw him, I said that all I will not think about the bike forward.At the tournament in New Haven I additionally stretched thigh muscle two days and I was not vocal training. US Open I went from match to match. If I had today was fresher and had more forces, it could turn out differently, but on how it is now unnecessarily speculate. In some tournaments, the American series I am satisfied, especially with San Diego, where I got to the semi-finals, they went out some less. Overall, the value 50:50. I look forward to the end of the US Open and a long cord overseas have at least a few days of rest and I’ll be able to turn off. I want to give the right leg and ulna be fit for the next tournament. Asian series will kick off in Tokyo after Beijing awaits me, “said Hantuchova. – Women Singles – 3rdround:

Jelena Dementievová (12-RUS.) – Daniela HANTUCHOVÁ (24 SR) 7: 5, 6: 2

Junior period:

1998 Paris (France) – Roland Garros clay clay Dementieva 5: 7, 6: 2, 6: 4

balance (Dementieva – Hantuchová): US Open: 39/11 – 16/10 Grand Slam tournaments 119 / 45 (not started once per game) – Season 75/39 2010 34/13 – 30/19 Career: 569/268 – 411/256 2010 season on a hard surface: 25/9 – 20/13 Career on hard surfaces: 309 / 142 – 236/147