Jurčo would like to go to the World Cup, but was waiting for him around the farm

BRATISLAVA. DETROIT. Tomáš Jurčo returned after two weeks in the assembly Detroit very well. Thursday night played a very good game against Montreal. Odkorčuľoval over 16 minutes, scored the assistance and three plus points. Red Wings but lost just 4: 5th

“I was played very well. Vlado like. Our lajna played great. Too bad that we did not receive points, “said SME Košice pupil.

The good thing was that Jurčo could play longer without pain. Injured rib does not limit him, but he had to take part at the special protection.

“I’m going to do everything to the fullest. If I could, I would have still played. Little me feel pain in my, but in general it is not already so bad.Fortunately, the break he was very restrict. It hurt me just as I tensed muscle or when I was tossing in bed. It was not as serious as I took two weeks. “Again the attack with Tatar

Jurčo skated from the second third of the match with the Canadiens again in attack with Tomas Tatar. This confirmed with two goals, it has recently been a great shape.

“I see performances of Thomas, since I’m still with him. Scores when they need it. I am indeed boarded up now, but he played perfectly before.I am glad that he has things at such an important time. “

Coach Mike Babcock praised Slovaks.

“Helps Power Play Goals and well you perform defensive duties. However, they must pay more goals, “said coach for MLive.com.

When injuries Henrika Zetterberga with Paul Daciuk struggling Detroit advance to the playoff with a much younger up.

“we do not count increased pressure. Everyone knows that we do not yet have the experience. We try to help the squad and while we are doing. Hard to say, when they both returned.Paul already skated around and Henrik except for possibly the playoffs. “Rather than farm MS

A fight for the playoff in the Eastern Conference is very balanced. The last two rolling screens are prolonged four teams.

If the famous club failed to advance to the knockout part Jurčo would like to strengthen Slovakia in the World Championship in Belarus. Keeping Red Wings would not, however, likely to be sent to the farm to Grand Rapids.

“Of course, he would in this case very glad he came, but I think they sent me to a farm in Grand Rapids who can get away.If it were up to me, so I would rather have played for representation. Now, however, still aims to make us the Detroit uhrali NHL playoffs, “said Jurčo.