Outgoing Tiňkov says: The plan to keep Sagan was a joke, Bora has it

DIRECTLY FROM SWITZERLAND Several expected facts were cleared during the free day of Tour de France in Switzerland. Mark Cavendish resigned from the race to prepare for the Olympic race on the track, Movistar publicly invited Astana to help defeat Sky and Chief Frisian Chris Froom, and Russian eccentric Oleg Tiňkov reiterated his intention to leave at the end of the cycle. He confirmed that the current star of his team, Tinkoff, the Slovakian world champion Peter Sagan, will race for the German Bor.

The mistrust about the future of two outstanding qualities in the world of top-class cycling is gone. Businessman Oleg Tiňkov has said he will keep his team Tinkoff if Peter Sagan wins three rounds this year’s Tour de France for a joke.Sagan already has a different engagement.

“It was my joke. Peter has already signed the German team for a lot more money than I pay, “Tiňkov said during a free day. He also denied rumors that he was wrestling salaries upward during his cycling career. “It’s not true. Peter signed for much more money than I paid him. I gave him 4.5 million euros, Bora gives him six million, “he said.

The German team is the current Bora-Argon druid-like 18, whose colors are also going to Tour de France and Czech racer Jan Bárta.So far, the team is not among the top, but from next year it has a strong partner in the form of a Hansgrohe sanitary technician, and that will allow it to move into the elite category.

The key to the Sagan agreement is the approval of the Specialized Wheel Manufacturers Borou will work together. Specialized is Sagan’s partner on both the road and the mountain bike. Together with his brother Juraj, Michael Kolář and Erik Baška, Tinkoff should also join him in the new engagement. There was also talk of Raul Majko.

The news was the first to bring the Belgian letter to Het Nieuwsblad at the end of June.But the manager of the German team, Ralph Denk, has dismissed it, saying that Sagan is too expensive for him. “What I’ve heard is that he has huge money,” he said. On the other hand, he did not rule out his engagement. “Of course it would be a dream to have such a rider. From the beginning of August we can talk about the team’s composition, but now it’s too much for us, “he said.

His version also recorded the first days of Tour. Sagan announced at a press conference that he and Tinkov spoke, and agreed that if the patronage of another La Datcha project would be successful, they would stay together.

Then the Tiňkov version appeared, that Sagan’s stage hat chart continues.Then Sagan was more cautious: “You have to ask Olega how it is.”

When the story returned to the original version.

“Oleg Oleg said in December, So there’s no news, “said Czech driver Roman Kreuziger. He is still drawing a new contract so far. “But even if something changed, nothing will be solved by August,” he said at the official start of the transition period.