Piquet junior goes his way

“I do not hide, it’s harder. I thought that after six races now I have a few points. Sometimes I missed lucky, sometimes I made mistakes. “

” Yes. After the rain we risked drying track, in agreement with the team I put survive ‘dry’ tires. It was not a happy solution. Then I should have been more alert behind the wheel. “

” Even though I did not finish the race, I enjoyed them. Go at high speed on city streets is special, in addition to the classic track in Monte Carle. Other urban areas us this year are waiting in Valencia and in the evening under floodlights in Singapore.Perhaps there’ll be more successful. “

” When I look at experienced F1 drivers, all movements are already automated. They know the tracks, cars opponents. For me everything is new. At the forefront of fighting three teams: Ferrari, McLaren, BMW Sauber, and behind them the rest of us. I try to ride as best I can and hope that the results will improve. Already najbližie in Montreal. “

” The pressure in Formula 1 is something completely normal. Perhaps it is even bigger than it writes about, he says. Rider of the team must be able to cope. I’m trying to do my job as best I can. It is understandable that at Renault want to have better results than were last year.Improve, but not competitors anymore. “

” Very well. Fernando is the best in the racing field and I can only benefit that I can compare with him. No one else I would have chosen. I know I had a tough vlaňajšok – McLaren found the atmosphere you expect. I understand it there longer stand it. “

” David drove in Formula 1 fourteen years ago, when I started I kart. And it is still in excellent form. The message is very natural, friendly. Not all are like that. While I drove in the GP2 race there we were all young. Now they are in F1 differences between us in experience. “

” Certainly they are more friends.In particular Rubens is still open and ready to help me if I needed it. But we mined, there is no time for a long speech. Rather, only a short greeting. “

” I would like to say yes, but it’s unlikely. Well, wait a two – three years and can expect an attack by Renault or Williams. I also have to be patient. “

” Felipa Massu of Ferrari team. It has excellent car and drives excellent. “

” On the contrary. Now it will show more art riders. The competition is also interesting for the audience. It was the right decision. “

” That’s obvious. I would just like to point out that I wanted to be myself and go your own way.Father helped me in the beginning, but then I built myself a career. He watched me from afar and still watching. When I was a junior went to the race weekend in Sao Paulo, with my mechanic, I traveled by car all night. And then the next night back home, so I managed to school on Monday. Since 2003 I live in England. I always wanted to be independent. “

” I’ll try, but I can not promise anything. I always try to win, however the career depends on many circumstances. On a quality car, the happiness and the like. Who would not want to be world champion? “

” Certainly the father, even if it be remembered as an athlete. When in 1991 ended sports career, I was only six years old.From childhood I wanted to be F1 rider like him. At the same time I want to go my own way. “

” Me? It’s not because I’m still not properly reach. Formula 1 in Brazil can not equal the football. Pelé is king, although people are very much mindful of the motorsport legend Ayrton Senna. “

” Football does not interest me. First, I was put on studies. He would have made me an engineer and a businessman. “

” I used to think I like it here and my Brazilian girlfriend. I have background, friends, our team is near its base. And there is apparently cheaper than in Monte Carle. I look forward in particular to the July Grand Prix at Silverstone.Of course, the family would be better if we were all in one place. But the father lives in Brazil, mother in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and also I’m always on the go. Such is the life of the rider F1 can not complain. “

” racetrack and younger brothers and Geraldo Pedro. I monitor their development, but not advise them. Pedro is only a decade NY, karts shows great talent. “

” Nothing. Nothing at all. During one day I met a lot of nice people, but for exploring Bratislava did not stay longer time. Maybe next time. “

” I know that they are part of my job, but Thursday I was extremely busy. I have got up at half past four in the morning, flight from England private plane took about two and a half hours.A whole day I was on my feet, I return to the home before midnight. It’s tiring. I feel better in monoposte Formula 1 “

The pressure in Formula 1 is something completely normal. Perhaps it is even bigger than it writes about, he says. Rider of the team must be able to cope. I’m trying to do my job as best I can. At Renault we are improving but not competitors anymore.