Spanish sport has Nadal after another young star

BRATISLAVA. Spanish sport came in 2008 famously, football players became European champions, Rafael Nadal won two Grand Slam titles, has become the world’s tennis unit and helped with teammates to win the Davis Cup. Prospered and basketball star who captured the Olympic tournament in second place behind the US sovereign. VIDEO: Profile of Ricky Rubio

This patchwork of NBA stars like Pau Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro and José Calderón brought to Beijing and one name that was not among the fans so well known – Ricky Rubio.Fixed member representation in seventeen years

Young rozohrávač of Juventas team took Badalona coach Aito Garcia Renesesa so that they become strong link staffer now in its 17 years. Not only because it likened to one of the best European basketball history, Drazen Petrovic, who was among the first players from the old continent broke through in the NBA. Talented playmakers made his debut in the Spanish league already strong in 14 years.

Rubio is incredible for his age. It excels in dribbling, passing, and has developed a basketball mind.There are also more cons, but they have a great chance to catch up quickly.

The young Spaniard put on yourself first to know at the European Championship in 16 years, when the final match helped his team to triumph over Russia (110: 106 after two extensions) 51 points, when the first extension compared long-range shot. He became the MVP of the tournament, when he led the statistics in points, rebounds, assists and steals.

Gradually he continued excellent performance in all junior categories.

His time in the senior jersey arrived at the Olympic tournament in Beijing. Since the beginning of championships did substitute a star Toronto Raptors José Calderón.It excels also in defense game

Incredible is particular maturity in defense and self-confidence. It performed perfectly the moment probably best rozohrávač NBA Chris Paul, who are able to take in a match against the USA twice ball. Rubio escalated their performance in the final meeting, in which he joined because of Calderón’s injury in the top five. Names like Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd are all the intimidation factor and helped Spain to a silver medal, which was the favorite over-balanced partner.

Scouts of America teams are excited from it all and he predicted a place in the top three closest pick, and many of them see him up at the very top.NBA but still needs to gain muscle mass and improved shooting from greater distances. It should be noted, however, that is still only 18 years old.

Already a native of El Masnou around the world a lot of fans, as evidenced, for example, evident from the popular page on Facebook. It will be interesting to see which team can be finally taken up his report.Said about Rubio

“It will be drafted as soon as possible and people will in the US love” – ​​Steve Wojciechowski, Chief Scout Team USA at the Olympics in Beijing and the assistant coach of Duke University

“I saw him on youtube and is incredible, I look forward to how you’ll play against each other” – Brandon Jennings, one of the greatest competitors in NBA draft picks.

“does not play at all as Europeans, his playing style is typically American” – Jim Boeheim, assistant coach of the USA at the Olympics in Beijing.

“At his age I was not too far from the skills of basketball maturity is incredible” – Pau Gasol, the Spanish star of the Los Angeles Lakers Profile Ricky Rubio