The Bronze Bomber is preparing a knockout and Chizora wants to go back to the best

Both on the old continent and in the New World on Saturday night again will be the boxing matches that deserve attention. Until now, unbeaten Deontay Wilder will defend the World WBC title in heavyweight in American Alabama, and Dereck Chisora ​​will try to confirm in London that he is not only a star of the past. The Bronze Bomber is the nickname of the American boxer, a native of Alabama, Deontaye Wilder – At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, he won the bronze. In his hometown, Wilder will advocate a world heavyweight title in a few hours. And he definitely does not give up on it.”

The ring will be played with the Frenchman Johann Duhaupas, who has lost only two points out of 34 games so far.

” It’s very exciting, That he has not been knocked out yet, “Wilder told Duhaupas. “I look forward to being the first to give him the chance to taste the canvas ring when I whistle him,” he added.

Wilder’s statistics are alluring. He has won 34 matches, 33 of which won K.O. Mostly he gave the decisive blow with his heavy right. In the ring it acts spontaneously and uncontrollably. When he sets off, he alternates frantically with the left and right hooks, which is very wide, making full use of the extraordinary length of his arms.

He is a great showman.The ring enters with a decorated scratch on his face. “When I nand my mask, I become another man,” he says. He likes to hear and see. In the past year, however, he became a hero in a case that had a very bitter taste for him. The world has swarmed a video where she is fighting in the gym with an internet trolley who called for a duel. Wilder received the offer, the angry man for a few years he grossly insulted on social networks and on the phone. He did not hesitate to use the ravings or insults of one of Wilder’s daughters with a splinter.

Englishman Dereck Chisora.In 2012, during a press conference, after losing a match with Vitalia Klicka, he began to provoke verbally compatriot and boxer David Haye. Chisora ​​did not hesitate, and he wanted to deal with him face to face. It ended with a fight. A shattered bottle of Chisor’s head started it. Of course, they did not wait long for a joint match. He won Haye.

Look at the video from the press conference

Chisora ​​then fought back to return among the best and won two titles. However, he was fired by another countryman Tyson Fury from last year. Still, Chisora ​​is not willing to give up and wants to continue to fight for the best. And it’s going hard for your goal. He sent his last rival to the ground in thirty seconds.Today Deantay Wilder and Derek Chisora ​​are dreaming that they will be thrown out of the throne by heavy-handed King Vladimir Klicka. On Oct. 24, Brit Tyson Fury was supposed to have this option. The match had to be canceled. The kluk has pulled the calf muscle in the training. His team reported that the game was only postponing and should be held this year. However, the question arises as to how many heavyweight stars will still have the chance to compare forces with Kliko?