The Slovaks beat bronze medalists from Sochi

BRATISLAVA. The Slovak women’s ice hockey team on Sunday reached a remarkable result when they beat 4: 2 home bronze medalists from the ZOH in the Monthey tournament in Switzerland. Swiss coach Gian-Marco Crameri had up to ten players from Sochi. They did not do fools, they played actively

“It does not happen every day that you fight the Olympic medalists, but it was important to have an initial onslaught, our goal came from a random action, two minutes later and the domestic players were nervous” trainer Slovak hockey team Andrej Schöber.

“We were hard pressed because our girls kept the skateboarding with them, did not make tactical mistakes, they did not end up defensively, but they were constantly striving for active play.We played with a minimum of fouls, and Romana Kiapešová was very good at the goal. “

The Swiss during the Sunday duel twice reduced the Slovene leadership to a single goal.

” These moments confirmed the fighting spirit of the whole team. Each player did the maximum. In the very good light, young adherents also appeared, still members of the eighties. The Monthey result is never overstated, but it is encouraging to do the next job, “Schöber added.The result in the world

The manager of the Slovak women’s selection, Lubomir Kozanova, compared the Sunday match to the Slovak ice hockey team in Bad Tölz, where the Slovaks won the Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver after a heroic performance.

“This result goes to the world.” On Sunday, our players finally showed what they had and what they meant when they added a brave and fighting heart to the game discipline, did not spank when they needed to, Romana Kiapeš has stopped, and she has performed excellently, “Kožanová said.

“Captain Miriam Mikeskov has declared the best of our team.I have not seen a similar compact performance for a long time, in which many young players fight for their permanent position. The symbolic point was that the youngest player Lucia Záborská opened the game with Switzerland. It turns out that the project of centralized preparation of the HC ŠKP Bratislava team has its justification. “