6 Lucky People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin

6 Lucky People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin – ​It is no doubt that cryptocurrency industry has been gaining more and more popularity through the past six years. As one of the digital currencies, the value of Bitcoin seems to have skyrocketed to a very fantastic scale. It started from only $0.003/BTC in March 2010 to $8004.59/BTC per November 2017. This spectacular growth what makes some people becoming sudden millionaires. That is why everyone seems motivated and want to plunge into this industry and start mining Bitcoin. However, If you are a beginner or a starter in this cryptocurrency industry, I will give you inspirational stories to motivate. Be sure to check out all of 6 lucky people who got rich because of bitcoin.

6 Lucky People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin

1. Tony Gallippi

Lucky People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin
He is an Executive Chairman and also a Co-Founder of the Bitpay company. It is no wonder why he is so rich with his cryptocurrency business. Back in 2011 Gallippi along with Stephen Pair, they made Bitpay company which providing checkout services for Bitcoin. Their business grew swiftly from small merchants to the biggest Bitcoin processor around the globe.

Bitpay has partnerships with merchants including the big company like Microsoft, Warner Bros Records, PayPal and many others. Because of Gallippi’s hard work, it processes payment of  $1 million every day. As the chairman, Gallippi has a responsibility to arrange or negotiate investment deals. Nowadays, he has wealth for more than $20 million from this business.

2. Yifu Guo

Lucky People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin
If you follow the development of cryptocurrency industry, you might have heard about this name. Yifu Guo is the first men who found first Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners for the digital currency. Later, he builds Avalon mining company that sell the mining rigs. Soon the ASIC gains popularity among people. It is because the ASIC is cheaper and 50 times faster than the traditional graphics cards. People are willing to pay higher for the rigs. Even on eBay, it sold for $20.000 for the normal price of $1.500.
Guo did not get his success instantly.

He was a New York University student. While being a student,  he started mining Bitcoin for paying his rent and bills. He found that cryptocurrency industry was quite profitable that time. He saw the potential of this business and had to make hard decision to drop off at the college. Later on, he focused on building ASIC rigs and Avalon that we know.  For his success, Guo has gained more than $5 million from cryptocurrency. He even became an actor in The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin movie. Although he is currently out of the Avalon, we know that Guo is the first millionaire from selling the mining rigs.

3. Jered Kenna

Lucky People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin
The next people who got rich because of bitcoin is Jered Kenna. He entered the cryptocurrency industry when Bitcoin was just $0.2/BTC. He has several ventures in Bitcoin, Tradehill was the first company that he had. Tradehill is a mining company that operates in anonymous.

Kenna has experienced many failures in his life. In 2010 he accidentally erased 800 BTC from his account. Then he almost lost Tradehill twice and also lost bitcoin.com domain. This domain is a flagship domain for the cryptocurrency. However, Jered Kenna did not give up so easily and joined two projects- (Money and Tech) and (Mission). It’s purpose to educate people about the technology impact. Now Kenna has a net worth of Bitcoins for over $30 million.

4. Winklevoss Twins

Lucky People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin
The surge in the value of digital currency makes this twins becoming a millionaire. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are famous for having a dispute in 2008 with Mark Zuckerberg. They sued him due to the fraud of ideas over facebook. From this lawsuit, they got over %65 million. Then in 2013, they invested their money in Bitcoin for $11 million. Later, they claimed that they hold up 1% of bitcoin in the world.

Regardless of their feud with Zuckerberg and also the value of the investment, they have a commitment to digital currency business. They said that they would not sell their Bitcoin and want to invest it in the long-term investment. Total of their net worth is $400 million.

5. Charlie Shrem

Lucky People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin
He is a controversial entrepreneur of bitcoin. In 2011 when he was in college, he started to invest Bitcoin and build BitInstant company. It allowed the users to purchase and make purchases of Bitcoin from over 700.000 locations. From the cryptocurrency business, he has more than $45 million of net worth.

Regarding the success of the BitInstant, in 2014 police arrested Shrem due to his business of money laundering in the black market. Two years after, he got out of prison. In 2016 he found new venture, Intellisys Capital and in 2017 he joined Jaxx – the multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet.

6. Roger Ver

Lucky People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin
Roger Ver is the most famous people who got rich because of bitcoin. He has been long enough in the world of online trading. Then he started to invest and bought Bitcoin when it was $1/BTC. Later on, when the Bitcoin value more than $1000, he got alias as “Bitcoin Jesus”, when he became so wealthy with the Bitcoin.

Roger ver did not expect that Bitcoin’s value could increase significantly. First, he bought bitcoin to expand his business scope that he had and used it as the transaction. Along with the growth of digital currency, Roger now has more than $52 million and make him the wealthiest person by Bitcoin.

The Reason of People Who Got Rich Because of Bitcoin.

After reading some inspirational stories above, you might wonder if is it possible to become the next Bitcoin millionaire. The answer is Yes. Although you need to keep it in mind that there is no satisfactory result without an effort. Cryptocurrency business is not an easy investment. There is no formal educational institution that taught how to start and manage the bitcoin.

The people who got rich because bitcoin might be lucky. However, they did not get the fruits instantly. They have invested their time and effort to understand the cryptocurrency. The time when they bought or mining Bitcoin, it was not as expensive as now. So, if you want to get dollars from this business, start from now on, study it and understand the risk of it. We do not know how it will be in the next few years.


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