Conspiracy Theories about The Real Bitcoin Founder

Conspiracy Theories about The Real Bitcoin Founder – We know that cryptocurrency business has gained lot popularity due to the increasing of Bitcoin value in the last few years. As the times goes, people are investigating the truth behind the Bitcoin. The more they dig down, the more mysteries they found. Now there are many conspiracy theories about the real bitcoin founder out there. In this article, I will show you what bitcoin is and what do we know about the founder so far.

Conspiracy Theories about The Real Bitcoin Founder

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto

People know that Satoshi is the one who made Bitcoin. He is a mysterious figure that no one knows about him. However, is he the real founder of the Bitcoin?. As people dig down his profile, there are more unusual facts reveal. These are the facts about the living legend of the modern-era, Satoshi Nakamoto.

1. It is a Fictitious Name

Many people believe Satoshi Nakamoto is not a real name. It is only an alias to cover his real identity. When someone plunges into the digital world, people usually will not give crucial information such as the identity. That is why Nakamoto uses this alias In May of 2016, Craig Wright claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin’s virtual payment tool. He said to the media like BBC and GC that Nakamoto is a pseudonym. He gave a technical evidence by using a coin that belongs to the founder of digital currency. Meanwhile,  Gavin Andersen the chief scientist of Bitcoin Foundation confirmed that Wright is the real founder.

2. Super Rich

The popularity of digital currency is skyrocketing. in October of 2017, Bitcoin value reaches $5.991/BTC. This achievement certainly gives its own advantages for some individuals. One of the biggest profits belongs to the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Quartz said that Satoshi has more than 980 thousand pieces of Bitcoin. Thanks to the rising value of Bitcoin, this man’s fortune soared to the $ 5.9 billion. However, Quartz told that it is only a small value compared to his effort in making the Bitcoin.

3. Spent Small Amount of Bitcoin

A programmer, Sergio Demian Lerner discovered the new fact about Satoshi. He said that Bitcoin has a protocol to generate a public ledger, which produces a receipt for every transaction. by looking at the ledger, Lerner found that Satoshi only spent a small amount of his Bitcoin.

He said that Satoshi only spent about 0.0005% of his balance in 2011 until the end of 2013. If calculated, it is about 500 BTC.

4. Only Communicate Digitally

According to the New York Times, it said that before the disappeared of Satoshi, he only did the communication digitally. In 2009, he released the Bitcoin software and contacted the nascent currency’s user via email. He never did it on the phone or in person. Later, when the technology spread, in 2011 Satoshi disappeared completely. It was the last time he reached the Bitcoin contributors. Ever since a group of programmer took over it.

5. Told Media Not to Use Bitcoin

Some time ago, Satoshi told his opinion to the Wikileaks. It is a website that publishes secret information for a non-profit purpose. The information contains news leaks and other hidden documents. Due to the rising reputation, some fans asked Wikileaks to accept Bitcoin. They urged to accept donation through the digital money for developing the web. However, after hearing this news, Satoshi posted his thought in Bitcoin forum. He said Wikileaks would not stand to get more than some pennies if they accepted the Bitcoin.

The Birth of Conspiracy Theories About The Real Bitcoin Founder

Behind the success story of this digital currency, Nakamoto chose to leave Bitcoin. Any attempts to contact him did not reap the answer. After knowing some facts and mysteries like I wrote above, people started to make speculations. This thing certainly makes a lot of people make conspiracy theories about the real bitcoin founder. I have the list of some theories below.

1. Bitcoin is CIA or NSA Project

Bitcoin may be beneficial for some men. However, many people and organizations worry about the sudden growth of this digital currency. They associate it with illegal activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, and even terrorist financing. For this cases, they believe US National Security Agency (NSA) or the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has a connection. Nevertheless, the lack of proof made this thing become only as a conspiracy.

However, behind all of it, some people believe it by looking some aspects. The first thing that comes out is the name of Satoshi Nakamoto which roughly means “Central Intelligence” in Japanese. The other evidence shows that Bitcoin forum usually removes posts that connect it to the CIA or NSA. Other facts also strengthen this evidence. As I mentioned above, Satoshi never contacted people with his voice or in person. The public never knew about his real identity.

2. Satoshi Comes from Asian Companies

Another theory shows the names of Satoshi Nakamoto comes from major Asian companies. Many people suspect Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi, and Motorola is the founder of the digital currency.  They associate the names of “SA” for Samsung, “TOSHI” for Toshiba, “NAKA” for Nakamichi, and “MOTO” for Motorola. The writing will form “SATOSHI NAKAMOTO”.

3. He is An Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This crazy speculation comes out to the surfaces. If Satoshi Nakamoto is real, why isn’t he expose himself? why is he such a brilliant thinker?. How did he get all of those net worth?. All of these questions only lead to another question. As the times goes, people believe Satoshi is only an Artificial intelligence (AI) and the government agency created it. Why did they create it? no ones know.

We have so many facts and Conspiracy Theories About the real bitcoin founder that leads to Satoshi Nakamoto.  Who is Satoshi? apparently, no one knows the answer. In the future, let us see if Satoshi Nakamoto is real or just a myth that remains a mystery. The most important thing is to see the results of his work, and how it can affect the technology and the economy today. Until then, see you.

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