How Much do Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Get Paid

For many people, many people have developed an urge of being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader due to prestige and salary payment.

One that you will notice is that it is not easy to win a game while you are on the squad.

For one to be allowed to be a cheerleader you have to be at least 18 years old, completed your high school studies and got a good grade. When the judges are selecting the best candidate they will look at your personality, dance technique, splits poise and your posture.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is considered as a part-time job that one is expected to attend 2 to 5 compulsory rehearsals every week until the football season begins.

When the football season starts, a cheerleader has to attend evening rehearsals and also some extra rehearsals done on weekends.

As a cheerleader, you are also expected to attend some promotional appearances at restaurants and stores.

Normally you will not be paid for appearances at charitable events, but if you attend some promotional appearances, you can earn some money.

How much do dallas cowboy cheerleaders get paid  ?

According to the information revealed by Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, one can earn $3000 in a year for games he/she participated and the appearances.

The NFL mascots are paid a minimum salary of $23000 in a year, making some five cheerleading squads to file a case against the management so that they can increase their salary rates.

What is funny is that the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have not attempted to file a case against the low salaries.

The women cheerleaders usually get paid $150 for every game that is played at home and is not paid for any rehearsal that they attend which are too many as they are conducted every week.

The men Dallas cheerleaders usually make $ 100 for every home game that includes showing up 5 hours before a game starts and participating twice a week.

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