How to Write and Publishing an Ebook On Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

how to write an ebook, amazon kindle publishing,publish your own book

Writing and Publishing an eBook on Amazon KDP

How to write an ebook – Publishing a book is no easy job and requires significant investment of time and money.

Results are not guaranteed with authors failing miserably in their hope of earning through publication of their works.

The ideas penned down in a book are difficult to spread and therefore an organized approach is necessary.

Often writings lack the necessary content for creating an impact on people as a result of which time and money are wasted.

Publishing has its own set of steps so that writers can follow a basic formula to get their works to reach interested readers.

how to write an ebook, amazon kindle publishing, publish your own book

Gaining Popularity through Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are an effective way for potential writers to showcase their writing skills to people. With the number of online users increasing each day it is worthwhile to create a good first impression on a pool of readers so that they are interested in the content of the articles. Blogs provide samples of a writer’s work and reveal the skills of the writer.

Sharing the blog on social media like facebook or twitter attracts more visitors for quick popularity. Creation of a blog is just the initial step and the blog must have a strong first impression on the readers’ minds. It is a way of reaching out to people in order to persuade them to read your stuff.

Blogs are also an excellent way to receive feedback from people about the quality of writing as blog websites allow the visitors to write a comment about the posted content.

Creation of a Routine

It is essential to mark the dates on a calendar to have a set routine for your book writing task.

Creating deadlines for smaller tasks helps you to manage the time well. This step is a part of planning the entire writing project and matters the most when it comes to deadline based tasks of writing.

Without deadlines one can easily lose track of time that is one of the vital resources to any writer. Deadlines force the writer to create content by developing his working abilities. The writer may have to work for long hours on some days and manage in a couple of hours on others.

Jotting Down the Main Topic

Before embarking on the journey of publishing self written content, focusing on one particular idea, concept or theory is vital. A writing that beats too much about the bush hardly does much good.

The writing must be clear, concise and must relate to the original theme of the writing. Jotting down the entire topic in a single line is the second step after promotion of blogs to ebook publishing.

It is important to know at this point why ebooks have gained more publicity than paperbacks. Writers who possess small ideas that are beyond a few pages when elaborated are unable to produce long works.

Unless a work is long publishing a paperback isn’t feasible. Ebooks on the other hand may comprise of only a few pages of an article.

Elaborating on the Idea

The next step involves collecting sufficient information about the topic to be written upon. The idea may simply be to collect sufficient information from different resources on the web and jot down the overall gist of the matter.

But that hardly brings on any luck while publishing. The writer must collect the information and draw inferences from the works in order to create a novel theory.

He must state his personal opinions and have a say on the matter.

The elaboration step requires modification depending on the type of writing. A story or work of fiction does not require drawing inferences since it works on a plot and setting.

For writing a story the characters, their nature and events must be thought of beforehand. The plot of the story is then begun with an initial opening paragraph that introduces what the story is about.

Writing a research paper or a technical book has a completely different scenario when it comes to elaboration of the idea. Possible experimental results must be noted following which a novel theory must be stated.

There is no predefined formula for idea elaboration, as it is closely related to the nature of the work. The writer must take care that the same theories are not repeated as that may cause readers to lose interest.

Setting the Structure

Disorganized writing rarely has a strong effect on a reader. A constructive thought put forward in a detailed step by step manner is way better than a haphazard arrangement of words. The structure of a piece of work conveys the idea better. The structure also depends on the type of work to be penned down.

For instance, a novel is organized into a number of chapters where each chapter is a small part of the story. It brings out the events in the story and tells the reader about the changes taking place in the plot.

A research paper however does not comprise of chapters and is only a number of ordered sections. Starting with a literature review of all the previous works the author comes to explaining the methodologies used in conducting the research and then draws inference on the results.

Writing the Content and Revision


This is the step where the ebook is actually written by providing relevant information regarding the topic. The resources searched may be given as references to support the information provided in the content. The content must be concise and clear. The author must make sure that the writing does not deviate too much from the original context.

The writing task can be started from any portion of the book. One might choose to right the middle few chapters first before starting with the introduction. The conclusion is given as a final point of the discussion where the author makes a strong point regarding the concept.

Revision is closely related to writing the actual content where the writer goes over the entire content in order to alter the words, phrases and sentence construction to elevate its quality.

Revision is usually begun two or three weeks after the completion of the first draft.  Taking a break in between opens up more ideas that help to improvise the content.

Revision is the most important step in the entire ebook writing process as most writings are prone to errors. An unprepared work with errors is harmful for the writer’s reputation as it shows the writer’s nonchalant attitude towards his work. It is advisable to go for three four revisions before coming up with the final copy. The final copy should be
polished as much as possible.

Developing the Cover

The proverb “Never judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply too well in the domain of ebook publication. The book that is available onlinefor viewing or sale is depicted as a single thumbnail portraying the front cover.

This small image is enough to create an impression in a reader’s mind. A colorful decorative cover attracts readers whereas a murky, colorless cover gives no interest to the readers.

The writer must therefore wisely choose the cover of a book. He must judge the aesthetic value and accordingly change the cover based on feedbacks by his close group of people.

Designing agencies come as a great help
in these circumstances as they advice an author to design the cover in a particular style that has a strong appeal on the readers.

Distribution of Sample Copies for Proofreading

Before the final step of publication the book needs to be circulated to a few known people whom the author trusts so that he may understand the effect the book has on people.

This step also helps one to understand how the writing looks in the eyes of the general public. Valuable feedbacks obtained from friends about the quality of writing help the writer to make corrections.

This step can also act as an advertizing step where the person spreads the news by giving a few free sample copies to nearby friends and relatives.

Final Publishing

The final step in the publication process is the registration of the author’s name on the publishing platform. The author must ensure that the target audience is on that platform otherwise the book won’t have any effect on the wrong people.

Why is it worth to Publish an EBook

Publishing ebooks has several advantages over publishing paperbacks. The traditional tangible publishing procedure has been replaced by digital publications teeming the online libraries.

It has helped many to earn in riches while for others the story has not been so great. However, publishing an ebook is still advantageous compared to the paperback publication.

Ebooks do not require any fee payment or publication charges unlike paperback publications where investment of funds has to be made for the publisher, the price for buying paper and ink and ultimately the remunerations to various
advertizing agencies to promote the sales.

Publishing an ebook with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing requires no investment as the author is at full liberty to publish his work online.

With the growth in technology, the internet has attracted the people to register them in the virtual world. More number of users have involved themselves in social media discussions.

It is therefore a good way of promoting the popularity of a book by publishing it online where it is bound to receive a lot of views from interested readers. Greater exposure is essential to make a publication into a success.

Businesses online have been expanding their revenue as they make transactions online. In order to promote a  business and provide information about the business the business owners can publish ebooks that talk about the business rules, short term goals, user’s interests among others.

The ebook may be used to convey a message to a larger group of people on the internet than conveying a message through a paperback. By publishing the ebook once, the information can be permanently stored on the web.

Traffics to a website are partially dependent on the quality of an ebook. Ebook gives one the overview about the goals and purposes of a business and thereby ensures that potential buyers are interested in exploring the various products offered by the brand.

amazon kindle publishing,publish your own book

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is the first venture started by Amazon on online publications that allows people to launch their books on any of the Kindle apps and bookstores online. It only takes a few minutes to get the entire process done as the work becomes available to all kindle users online.

The author is free to charge a rate for every page and can choose to publish a hardcopy of the book. Language barriers do not exist as the content can be written using any of the 34 languages permitted.

It is a huge benefit for independent writers who have the writing zeal within but lack the revenue for publication. It is a great way to gain popularity in the world of digital marketing and one cannot help but notice that it is one of the platforms that enable noobs and inexperienced writers to interact with the experienced ones about improving their writing skills.

The best thing about the publication on AKDP is the public trust obtained from the general public. However, most of the writings are unprepared and immature as a result of which they go unnoticed. AKDP only provides a platform for showcasing of one’s writing skills but in no way helps him to become a prolific writer. Proper revision, planning and structured approach is required to get a book success in the online markets.


As the world of digital marketing grows opportunities for earning money has also grown. It has helped people to understand the tidbits involved in earning a huge fortune through online publishing. Online publishing has led many people to start a career in writing with online content writing platforms and publishing platforms have occupied a large portion of the digital world.

It only requires to be seen whether this leads to choking of the market as a time will come when writers will lack ideas and it will be tough for them to develop new content. It is therefore essential to improvise publishing and writing skills. The world can only hope for greater revenue in the future.

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