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Work from Home with Writing Jobs – Contrary to what many people believe, making good money online doesn’t come easily. In fact, if you want to write for somebody, you also need to create your own blog.

If you enjoy writing, you could easily be making hundreds of dollars weekly or monthly. One of the best programs is iwriter.com

Work from Home with Writing Jobs – iWriter.com

What is iwriter.com ?

This is a platform that allows writers to write articles for other people and webmasters to purchase articles written by other people. As compared to other platforms, it’s very easy to join.

Once you go to their home page you only need to fill in their registration and then wait for their confirmation email. Once you’ve been confirmed you can begin to write after passing their test.
work from home with writing jobs

Getting work at iwriter

After joining, you will be directed to the standard level which is the lowest level with the lowest pay. You can then sort out the projects according to category and check on the requirements needed.

Here, you will see the word count, the type of article, keyword and other special instructions.

As long as the work is at your level and below, you can always claim it. However, you must submit it within the given time frame otherwise it will get back to the job board for another writer to claim it. After submitting your article, the requester will review it.

But if he feels that it’s a low quality he has the option of either asking for a rewrite or rejecting it altogether.

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Iwriter ratings

Previously, iwriter only had three ratings namely the Standard, Premium and Elite. However, recently the company added another one known as Elite Plus. While the lowest level is the standard, the highest is the Elite Plus. As compared to other tiers, it’s very difficult to make even 30 dollars with Standard level. However, you can easily make over 70 dollars weekly with a Premium account and 40 dollars everyday with an Elite.

work from home with writing jobs

The pay structure


Standard Writers

As the lowest level in iwriter, you don’t expect to earn much. Here is the Standard pay structure

· 150 words   – $ 1.01
· 300 words   – $1.62
· 500 words   – $2. 43
· 700 words   – $ 4.05
· 1000 words – $6.08

Premium Writers

If you are a premium writer then you can easily earn twice the amount of money.

· 150 words   – $ 2.23
· 300 words   – $ 3.65
· 500 words   – $4.46
· 700 words   – $5.79
· 1000 words – $8.51

Elite Writers

Elite writers not only get the highest level clients but it’s also where you can earn the highest amount of cash. There are different levels but here is the pay structure

· 150 words   – $3.44
· 300 words   – $5.67
· 500 words   – $8.10
· 700 words   – $10.13
· 1000 words – $14.99

However, you need to know that these figures are just the minimum amounts since if you are good you can easily earn more than this.

What does iwriter pay and when?


In order to pay the writers, iwriter uses PayPal. The good thing about it is that you can specify when you want to be paid and even keep changing that until you’re comfortable.

Basically, they have four payment options: every 5th, every 25th, every Tuesday, and every other Wednesday.

If you want to receive your money several times a week you can keep altering the dates. However, to get your money you’ll need to wait until you hit $20.

This is not a big problem since it’s not very hard to reach.

Benefits of using iwriter 

Immediate earning- As compared to other platforms, as soon as you register you can start earning money. This means if you write quality articles, you can potentially start making money within a few hours.

It’s hard to miss the payment- When it comes to sending payments the iwriter staff seem very good. Once you’ve set your payment schedule your earnings will be sent to your account without fail.

You can choose to write what you are comfortable with- Since there are different requesters asking for specific articles you can always pick what you’re comfortable with and start writing.

You can get a tip- Even after approving your articles the requester can tip you especially if you write an exceptional article. It’s, therefore, one of the best programs to use to earn money.

How to gain a higher status

The higher your level, the more money you will earn. This means right from the start, you need to focus on how to upgrade to the next level.

Although every writer starts at the standard level, once they’ve hit 30 articles with a minimum rating of 4.1 and 4.6 stars, they qualify to move to Premium and Elite writers respectively.

If you feel that you’re a good writer and you can’t wait to finish the 30 articles you can fast track to Premium or Elite level. This is very important if you work from home writing jobs on iwriter.

The main languages that you write on

As a writer, you can write in English UK, English US, Spanish, French, and German among others. If you feel that you are fluent in any of these languages you can always pick a job and write it regardless of your country.

Success tips

Rating- If you want to earn more money from iwriter then you need to focus on upgrading. From the very first time aim at getting 5 stars.

Learn to pick orders quickly- Use your mouse to refresh until you get the right jobs to pick.

Learn to know con requesters- Con requesters will always reject or cancel your work however good it may be. You, therefore, need to avoid any requester who keep on using harsh words or who have long instructions.

Choose jobs with high approval ratings- If you want your work to get approved fast, go for the jobs with approval ratings of 80% and above.

Focus on producing quality content- After creating your content make sure you make it perfect.

SEO Skill- Make sure you learn how to use the keyword and also understand the keyword density.

There you have it, how to work from home writing jobs on iwriter. If you abide by all the rules and keep focusing on quality content then you will start making money and before you know it you will be earning a lot. 
What are you waiting for, sign up today and start making money!

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