Some Best Way to Buy Bitcoin that You Have to Know

Some Best Way to Buy Bitcoin that You Have to Know – Nowadays, bitcoin is very popular amoung people in the world. Bitcoin is digital money that has high value exchange.

According to the latest information, bitcoin is comparable with sixty million rupiah per chip. While, on year 2011, bitcoin only has price about a thousand rupiah per chip. It is very excited for people around the world. However, there is confusedness among several people in buying this digital money.

Some Best Way to Buy Bitcoin that You Have to Know

This confusedness sometimes make people fear to business bitcoin. In this article, it will be explained about best way to buy bitcoin. It can be as consideration to take infestation in bitcoin.

1.Buy Bitcoin from

You can try this site of Indonesian Exchange. Through this exchange you can get some bitcoin by buying them. For the price, you can do transaction by yourself.

There are some steps that you have to pass in order to you can get bitcoin. Firstly, you have to visit this site of Indonesian bitcoin exchange,

You have internet connection in order to can access this online site. Secondly, you must do registration by entering your phone number and e-mail. After that, click “register an account”. You just wait for a second. Thirdly, you must do verification by capturing your image, then upload the image of “KTP” or citizen identity.

Fourthly, you have to wait about twelve hours until your account is verified by server. After that, you must login and click “Setor/ tarik Rupiah”. Fifthly, you can enter the nominal of Rupiah you want in column “Jumlah Deposit”. Then, click “lanjutkan” and transfer to available bank account.

Finally, you must go back to home page. In the bottom, there is box with label “Beli BitCoin”. You must click 100%, then click “lanjutkan”. You are success in buying BitCoin. This exchange bitcoin is Indonesian version. So, you must use rupiah to buy BitCoin from this site.

2.Buy Bitcoin directly by instant method

You can do this method in some company or bitcoin platform that serves this method. In Indonesia, there is Luno. You can buy bitcoin from this company by instant method.

You can access this company by visiting or download the application of Luno Bitcoin Wallet from Android or iOS.

This method is the easiest method to buy bitcoin. By using this method, you can get bitcoin with kurs at the time. You only enter some rupiah or some bitcoin that you will buy. Usually, this method is used by newbie user of bitcoin or sometime, people that does not want to be complicated in buying bitcoin.

In paying bitcoin, it depends on each company. Sometimes, you can transfer through bank, either ATM or internet banking.

3.Buy bitcoin from exchange and Trading

The next best way is buying bitcoin from exchange. This way is more complex than before, but you will have control more toward price of buying bitcoin. Besides that, this way also can be used for trading instrument.

This method ever is used by traders to do infestation for short term, but continue. The buyer who uses this method trades continuously to gain profit from the quarrel of bitcoin price.

The trading is same with instant method above. You can buy through bank, excavate at minimarket or the provider of e-wallet service. It depends on the platform that you want.

You can wait until the price of bitcoin suitable with your desirability. This method also requires your understanding well about the multiple elements on the Exchange page in order to be easy in trading.

4.Buy bitcoin from community (peer-to-peer)

This way is not buying bitcoin from current platform or company, but through group or community whom also uses bitcoint. It is seen simple and easy, but it is rather risky. Cause, your transaction of bitcoin is without the guarantee from current platform or company.

For instance, after you transferred some rupiah, you may not accept bitcoin because of you do not know the trader of bitcoin. Automatically, you are not able to complain about it. For the note, you must do transaction with group or community that you have known them well.

5.Buy bitcoin from Indomaret

Indomaret is popular retail in Indonesia. Now, you can get bitcoin from this retail. You do not need to transfer money through bank. This way is so easy and makes easy the user that does not have bank account yet.
The buyer of bitcoin can get bitcoin from ten thousands of Indomaret retail. Before that, the buyer must pass the current steps. To gain the bitcoin, buyer must make account on the site “”. After that, click the option “top-up rupiah via indomaret” and the next instruction. After buy through online, the buyer can visit Indomaret to pay the bill. The easy access can make bitcoin as alternative of the paying tool, because only 20% Indonesian have access to bank.

6.Buy bitcoin by pulse

For you who do not want to busy to go to outside, now, you can get bitcoin by pulse. You can buy bitcoin by pulse in the site “XP Sindonesia”. You just transfer a number of pulses by your phone from home. To buy bitcoin from this site, you must have current SIM Card. The SIM cards are Indosat, Telkomsel and XL Axiata. It makes easy you to buy bitcoin.

To do this transaction, you must pass current steps. Firstly, you must register and enter the requested data. After that, login. Secondly, click deposit, and choose deposit method via pulse transfer that is suitable for your provider. Then, transfer pulse to the available number. Thirdly, you are able to buy bitcoin by using transferred money. Fourthly, order. Enter a number of bitcoin that you will buy. Then, enter your bitcoin address and your number phone, in order to you accept the notification of your transaction.

There are best way to buy bitcoin. These ways above can become your consideration on buying bitcoin. You can choose one or more of them. It depends on your necessity and interest. Fundamentally, each step has advantages and disadvantages. By knowing them, you are able to choose the best way that is suitable for your condition.

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