Who Accept Bitcoin Payment?

Who Accept Bitcoin Payment? – Every people who will use bitcoin payment always ask about, who accept bitcoin payment? Because bitcoin is unusual payment in the world. Some people didn’t know what the meaning or what are use bitcoin? So in this article I will show what the meaning of bitcoin, who accept bitcoin payment and so on.

Who Accept Bitcoin Payment

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is electronic money in the internet. Electronic money is money who can bring by people in the card. People don’t bring the cash money because the money become a card. But bitcoin is another money. Bitcoin is digital cash money for the internet. Bitcoin is the flexibility money than other. Because bitcoin can send money by internet.

Without bank account or credit card you can send bitcoin for the other. Directly, bitcoin send to the other people during the short time. The great technology can make bitcoin receive by the other in the short time. Without bank account or credit card bitcoin avowed by the other people. Such as internet you can send the bitcoin to the other country in short time. The transaction with bitcoin legitimate by thousand network computers in the world.

How Can I Use Bitcoin?

First time you need to download the software in the smartphone or computer called wallets. With this software you can use bitcoin and can receive payment with bitcoin. Your privacy is very secure because a private key. When you do transaction with bitcoin you must use this private key. The private key is your own. Nobody know what your private key. There is no recovery or reset private key. So you must be careful about your private key.

Because your private key is secure you are the only one person who responsibility and control your own wallet. When you pay something you must entering some letters. But before it you need scan a QR code to pay with bitcoin. After do that you press of button or tap. Your payment receive by the other people everywhere in the world in minutes. This is can make money online to your wallet.

Who Accept Your Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the common payment in the world. You can send or receive bitcoin payment by register in wallets software. In the same cases the other people can receive the bitcoin payment when they register to the wallets too. You can send to everyone in the world by payment network. Every people can receive the bitcoin payment in everywhere, in any amount and from mobile device or from computer. Just connect the network and wallets you can pay or receive the bitcoin.

Choose Your Currency

First time when you register in to wallets you will ask about currency. This currency will let you to convert bitcoin to your currency. But in this transaction you should by EUR it reduce the fee paid when you do transaction. EUR is the common currency who receive by the other. You can receive EUR to from the other. But if you want you can use the USD and EUR. When you pay bitcoin with USD currency you can receive the payment in the EUR. It is very flexibility. No restriction for this currency.

The Limitation of Transaction

In the bitcoin payment you have limitation about the money. For new register you just can do transaction for $1000 USD. If you do trouble about this limitation you can remove this restriction. Bitcoin limit for this transaction because the amount of your transaction is over. So you can adding your bank account if you want to pay over the limitation. You must give your personal information to break the limitation. The verification will need your full name, a copy your ID, your address and your country. The bitcoin payment system is all over country so to secure your wallets you must give your right information.

How Can I Receive Bitcoin Payment?

When you already register to your bitcoin payment you can pay or receive your bitcoin payment. If you want to receive your bitcoin payment you must do this tutorial. For your business you can sending an email for your customer with the payment links. The customer will pay by click the payment link. On the other method you can give your unique QR code which can generated to the bitcoin website. Your customer must have software wallet too in order to pay with bitcoin. You can work from home by this bitcoin payment.

After Receive What I Must Do?

After receive bitcoin payment you can choose one of this option. First you can keep your bitcoin wallet for your own account. Your wallet will keep your money with secure. Second automatically the bitcoin can convert and send your bitcoin into your personal bank account.

You can know when the bitcoin into your bank account. It is can make your easily to take your bitcoin in your bank account. This is more secure than before. Third you can send much bitcoin in your wallet and much bitcoin too to your bank account. For this choice you have bitcoin in the two area, in your wallet and your bank account.

Accept Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoin pay offers and API with integrated the eCommerce in the world. The software can receive all server. The bitcoin payment use to pay the eCommerce who integrated in API. You can pay or you can receive bitcoin payment. Your business in the internet can use bitcoin payment. Use bitcoin payment can make your money increase. The currency USD or EUR is stable. So you can save your money by this currency.

Join With Bank and eCommerce

Bitcoin are join with bank in 38 countries. This bank settled in US Dolars, Euros, GBP and more currency. Not only receive bitcoin you can receive funt directly in your bank account. Although the bitcoin payment can pay without bank account you can get bitcoin payment into your bank account. With your bank account bitcoin can easily to use because no limitation transaction in a month. Bitcoin payment can receive or send payment to the eCommerce.

eCommerce give easy to customer with bitcoin payment. Some eCommerce which join with bitcoin payment integrated to eCommerce in the world. This eComerce can send or receive bitcoin payment. People in the world can communicate easily with bitcoin payment. This transaction not limit but can cover all payment who integrated to bitcoin payment.

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